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Review–Ozonics HR-200 Electronic Scent Eliminator 

Before I move on to the meat of my review of the Ozonics HR-200 Electronic Scent Eliminator, I have a confession to make. I am a scent control freak. I know that doesn’t set me too far apart from most of you but there it is.  Scented laundry and personal hygiene products do not exist in my house … year ‘round. I’m also convinced that carbon and silver are legitimate garment fabrics.


That said, I decided to give the Ozonics HR-200 a whirl this past deer season. Before it ever saw my tree stand I needed to make sure it fit the bill for size, weight, sound level and battery life. The unit fit well into my day pack and didn’t add enough weight to be an issue for me. The noise level was actually well below what I expected. The manufacturer states that battery life is 5 hours in normal mode and 4 hours in boost mode. I found that to be accurate. So far, so good.


For the field test I chose my most tried and true stand. I hunt New Hampshire so I don’t expect to see dozens of deer in a sitting, maybe not in an entire season. The stand site I picked has reliably presented multiple opportunities every year for the past decade; however, so I felt confident it would work for this test. The other reason that I chose this location is that history shows that deer can approach from any direction at any time no matter what the wind direction. If my scent control is working, they keep approaching. If it isn’t, they just seep back into the swamp. For the test sitting I followed my usual persona hygiene routine, but I left my scent control clothes in the storage tub and opted for properly laundered but non carbon or silver enhanced items.


Once in my stand and properly secured, I removed the Ozonics unit, turned it on and placed it under the seat of my stand. Just as I found in my home, the sound was practically non-existent. I settled in for a good sit and relaxed. Unfortunately, no deer felt the need to participate in my field trial that evening. I was in my stand for four hours. I ran the unit on normal and still had run time left. A good field test for the battery, but that was about it.


The next evening that I could make it into my stand came just before a pretty strong front. I was very hopeful that I could get a good sniff test out of some deer. I repeated all of the same procedures as the previous evening out except I made it into my stand one hour earlier to test the full limit of the Ozonics battery. I didn’t have to wait long for my assistants. Within a half hour of settling in had a doe group of 5 meander out of the swamp into my clearing. They were browsing on acorns and spent the better part of an hour all around my stand at distances between 50 and 5 yards. Since I wasn’t actually “hunting”, I just stayed seated and still and enjoyed the show. I didn’t detect a moment of concern on the part of any of the does, young or old. After a while they simply eased back into the swamp on the opposite side of the clearing from where they had entered. The Ozonics unit passed its first test with flying colors! About an hour before last shooting light, that group came out again at the far side of the clearing, browsed some more and were still milling about when darkness was complete and I started to pack up. My rustling about shooed them off but not with any great urgency.


So, what are my conclusions around the Ozonics HR-200 Electronic Scent Eliminator? Again, I’m a scent control freak, but I did use the unit to replace one aspect of my scent control strategy and it gets points for that. The unit is quiet, portable, rechargeable and has a solid, as-advertised, run time. In my field test, it appeared to do its job well as I had deer undisturbed all around my stand at multiple distances. I say give it a whirl in your own stands and blinds!

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