Paper Tuning

You’ve been practicing all summer; sending arrow after field-tipped arrow into your target. You are dialed in!

The season is approaching and it’s time to trade in those field points for broadheads. No problem, you are, after all, dialed in. You draw back and let fly. Hmmm, that wasn’t where the arrow was supposed to hit, must have anticipated the release. You draw back and let fly again. Hmmm, that wasn’t any better.

You have an idea. You’ll shoot a few field points to get into a groove. They are right on target. Now back to the broadheads. You draw back and let fly. Your broadhead tipped arrow flies off target again.

What’s wrong? Should you run to your local archery supply store or hit up Amazon for some new broadheads? No. You should go to your local archery pro shop and paper tune your bow. The primary cause of different results when moving from field points to broadheads is not the head but the arrow flight. Even with today’s mechanical heads and low profile fixed blade heads, proper arrow flight will ensure more consistent, accurate shots under all conditions as well as greatly enhance penetration.

Paper tuning is a simple, accurate and reliable way to diagnose and correct the cause of your poor arrow flight. The chart above diagrams the basics of paper tuning.