Notch Mountain Outfitters

Several years ago after hunting black bear successfully in New Hampshire, Maine, New Brunswick and Quebec, my brother and I decided we would expand our horizons in search of far away places and big Spring bruins. We decided that Newfoundland would be our next destination and we chose what was then called Owl’s Nest Lodge Outfitters. At that time Ron Parsons owned the operation and his brothers were his primary guides. In the years that have past, Randy Parsons bought the business from Ron and has taken off with it from there.

And why wouldn’t it? Randy knows the rivers, lakes and mountains where he guides like the back of his hand. He is more passionate about locating and harvesting bears than any hunter he guides, and he takes bagging a big boar bruin very personally. I know this because when he helped a hunter harvest a 500 plus pound boar that I pursued with him for three seasons, he picked up the phone and spent over an hour talking me through the hunt and the harvest.

Randy has made several improvements to his main lodge and is constantly scouting for big bear sign and new promising locations. He keeps his hunter ration down and rotates territory from season to season to reduce pressure. To top that all off, one bear license in Newfoundland comes with two tags!

I won’t lie, it’s a haul to get there, but even the trip to Notch Mountain Outfitters is a story waiting to fill your scrapbook. Driving the Trans-Canada through New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and into the heart of Newfoundland is full of breathtaking scenery. A stop for great ribs at Mother Webb’s in Nova Scotia. Riding the ferry between North Sydney at Port Au Basque. Following moose and woodland caribou along the mining and logging roads that compose the last leg into camp. The whole trip is an experience of a lifetime!